Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park


Anamalai Elephants 2 Cropped

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is also called as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. The area was declared as a Sanctuary in 1984, a National Park in 1989 and a Project Tiger Reserve in 2008. It covers a total of 108 square kilometers.

There are six administrative ranges:

  1. Pollachi
  2. Anaimalai Farm
  3. Valparai
  4. Ulandy Top Slip
  5. Amaravathi
  6. Udumalapet

Elevation ranges between 340–2,513 metres (1,115–8,245 ft) above MSL. The rainfall amidst this Park varies and helps survive diverse habitats. One can find dry scrub forests, savannah forests, moist deciduous forests, wet evergreen forests, grasslands and sholas.

Animals can be sighted are:

  1. Elephant
  2. Gaur
  3. Wild Boar
  4. Sambar
  5. Giant Squirrel
  6. Muntjac
  7. Common Langur
  8. Nilgiri Langur
  9. Bonnet Macaque
  10. Lion-tailed Macaque
  11. Sloth bear
  12. Deer
  13. Wild bear
  14. Wild dog
  15. Pangolin
  16. Civet cut
  17. Porcupine
  18. Flying squirrel
  19. Jackal

Birds found are:

  1. Malabar Whistling Thrush
  2. Grey Jungle Fowl
  3. Malabar hornbills
  4. Great pied hornbills
  5. Ceylon frogmouth
  6. Malabar trogon