Agrometeorolgy for Coimbatore District

Agrometeorology is an interdisciplinary and holistic study that uses the weather and climate information to help farmers to increase crop production. It also helps to enhance or expand the variety of agricultural crops. Not only it helps the farmers to manage their crops but it also supports other fields like horticulture, animal husbandry and forestry. […]


Coimbatore was part of the Chera Kingdom during the Sangam Age. The excavation of Roman coins and artifacts claim the region’s involvement in the trade with Rome, which is part of the Roman Trail that extended from Muziri to Arkamedu. During the 3rd century AD, it was part of the Chola dynasty under the control […]


Coimbatore is in the West of Tamil Nadu bordering with Kerala, having Palghat Gap as the way to Kerala. It has Western Ghats as its western border and reserve forests and Nilgiris on the northern border. The Noyyal River is its southern boundary. Since ancient times, many water bodies (lakes and ponds) were dug to […]