Coimbatore is in the West of Tamil Nadu bordering with Kerala, having Palghat Gap as the way to Kerala. It has Western Ghats as its western border and reserve forests and Nilgiris on the northern border. The Noyyal River is its southern boundary. Since ancient times, many water bodies (lakes and ponds) were dug to reserve water. Singanallur, Valankulam, Ukkadam Periyakulam, Selvampathy, Narasampathi, Krishnampathi, Selvachinthamani, and Kumaraswami are the major Lakes / Wetlands of Coimbatore

Geographic coordinates of Coimbatore, India

Latitude: 11°00′19″ N

Longitude: 76°57′58″ E

Elevation above sea level: 425 m = 1394 ft.

Coordinates of Coimbatore in decimal degrees

Latitude: 11.0055500

Longitude: 76.9661200

Coordinates of Coimbatore in degrees and decimal minutes

Latitude: 11°0.333′ N

Longitude: 76°57.9672′ E